Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Adorned Life: Crashington Coutois

   I feel like we need a wind machine , fog, and sexy woman music for this latest addition to "The Adorned Life" series.  For our fourth guest profile we bring to you Crashington Coutois, a dynamic New Yorker with a body of ink as breathtaking as her body in general.  Forgive me if I swoon, but this woman is absolutely gorgeous and her ink is by far some of the most original I've seen.  
     Crashington is no stranger to the burden that comes with being heavily inked.  In a quote taken from her post that can be found here , she states that " I know the itch to get inked can be overwhelming. But in the world of ink, you get what you pay for, (so to speak), and you won’t be the only bitch with “5 Star Barbie Chic” tatted sloppily across your ass cheeks. Take my word for it. If you stop and think before making any sudden moves you’ll thank me later for more reasons than one." Truer words have never been spoken. So many young individuals go to tattoo parties or scratchers thinking that they are getting a deal, not taking the time to think that tattoos are considered permanent, and if one is considering removal, it is a very costly process and there can be adverse effects on African American skin.
    For those of you with a sweet tooth, enjoy as you indulge yourself in the visual confections of "The Adorned Life: Crashington Coutois." 

Asphyxiated Bliss: Do you consider getting tattooed to be an addiction, or is each tattoo something that you feel was imperative to be put on your skin?
Crashington Coutois: This is in no way an addiction for me. Tattoos have been around since foreheads were sloped and knuckles dragged the ground. The art itself is taboo in some places, but a right of passage in others. I do it because it's what I feel like doing. I do what I want.

AB: Tell us about your first tattoo.
 CC: Aah. It was random. Spur of the moment. An ankh with the words, "Patience is beautiful", in Arabic. I figured it was something I needed to look at everyday.

AB: What is your favorite tattoo?
CC: I don't have a favorite. Most of my tats are nowhere near finished. I'm pacing myself so I don't run out of space too soon.

AB: DO you have any that you regret?
 CC: Nope. Not at all. Every single one of them means something to me. Even the one with "VOID" across it. 

AB: Your back piece is absolutely amazing. How many sessions did it take to complete it?  How did the concept for it come to you?
CC: Thank you :0) My back took 4 sessions to complete.  Being that I took weight training in H.S.  instead of regular phys ed, I was pretty muscular.  It didn't help that I wore spiked heels to school either.  AMAZON was number one on my list of nicknames. Haha. Big Bird was right underneath it. 

AB: What do your different pieces represent?
CC: ME. My life. My experiences. People I have met, time spent. Memories. 

AB: Do you work with a specific artist, or have  you used several ?
CC: I started working with one person. We had brief differences at one point at which I started going to other artists. Eventually we mended. Family is family. I love the consistency of his work better than anyone else I have went to anyhell.

AB: What pieces do you have planned for the future?
CC: That is an iron clad secret my dear :0) 

AB: Have you visited any conventions?
CC:  I have. A few years ago in CT and NJ.

AB: Would you ever consider getting someone’s name permanently on you?
 CC: I have. I did.  Knowing myself, I will probably repeat this process.

AB: How have tattoos affected your career?
CC: What career?

AB: What do you think of those that feel that women should not be heavily tattooed?
CC: That is their business. People are entitled to think whatever they want. Some have said they don't respect females with tats, but they turned around, succumbed to inevitability, and are still removing their feet from their asses.

If you don't follow Crashington on twitter I recommend that you rectify that immediately.  She is funny, witty and beautiful, her tweets will surely keep you entertained.  You can also get your Crashington fix at  and

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OMG, her tats are amazing.

Yes, they really are. I wonder what she has up her sleeves (non pun intended) for her future pieces, but she would not budge on giving up that information.

Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

An amazing talent that i have known for years.. Just got back in touch. Completely oblivious to her accomplishments but far from surprised. Since day one I knew there was something special about this girl, the next few year should be interesting, so keep your eyes and ears open... thats a promise from
Jonathan Michael Luna

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